This $74 Portable Power Station Can Power Your Laptop on the Go


Whether you need to power your devices when off the grid or you just need a small amount of backup power in case of outages at home, investing in a portable power station is a great idea. Some of these devices can be on the bulky side, though, and if you don’t want to lug around a huge unit just to keep your devices powered on the go then the 140-watt Baseus laptop power bank is a good way to go. Size-wise, it sits somewhere in between a traditional mobile power bank and a power station, though it’s collection of ports means you can charge up a bunch of devices at once. 

Even better, there’s a substantial deal on it at Amazon right now that brings it down to just $74 from $170. It’s actually three different deals rolled into one, with a discount for being a Prime member, a $30 on-page coupon, and code L77LSJCJ which gives you another 20% off. Put all that together, and the final price is $74 — a $106 saving — although the good thing is, even without the Prime discount, you still get quite a bit off.

What makes the Baseus laptop power bank so well-suited for charging a laptop is that it has a 140-watt PD 3.1 charging port, which is more than enough to handle a large variety of laptops. With two USB-A ports, another USB-C port, two AC sockets and a DC port, you can charge a large variety of other gear as well, from your phone to a handheld gaming console.

In terms of capacity, you’ll be happy to know that it holds a substantial 48,000-mAh charge, which will recharge your phone fully about nine or ten times depending on the model. The front panel gives you a ton of information on where your charge level is at, how much remaining time you have, and even the temperature level, which is a neat little addition. As for charging it back up, you can get that done as fast as an hour and a half at 140 watts.

Overall, there’s quite a lot to like about this charger from Baseus, including the fact that it has both an emergency light and a sling bag thrown in for good measure. That said, if you need something a bit more substantial, be sure to check out these generator deals that include some great portable solar stations.

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