Self-Transforming Optimus Primal Swaps From Beast to Bot With Your Voice


If you tell this Optimus Primal to roll out, it really will. Hasbro is revealing Thursday an Optimus Primal animatronic toy that automatically transforms between its gorilla and robot modes, just by speaking to it.

The Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Command and Convert Animatronic Optimus Primal goes on sale today at $125, and features a 12.5-inch Optimus inspired by how the character will look in the upcoming movie releasing June 9.

The electronic toy includes 100 sound and motion combinations that will play alongside the self-transformation. The figure also includes molded fur details for its gorilla mode and two attachable sword accessories.

Optimus Primal in robot mode

Optimus Primal after transforming into robot mode via either a voice command or a button press.


This Optimus Primal comes after two iterations of the self-transforming Optimus Prime, the latter being a higher-end $750 set that includes a transforming trailer.

The Optimus Primal will respond to any voice command (not specifically “Optimus, transform,” but you could totally use that). It is now available for preorder on Hasbro Pulse and Amazon.


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