Sabine Wren’s ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber Comes to Life with LEDs, Sound Effects


As the new Ahsoka series continues on Disney Plus, Star Wars fans have been watching the ongoing journey of the Mandalorian Sabine Wren. She first debuted in the animated Star Wars Rebels series, and now in the live-action Ahsoka series, she has been continuing her search for the missing Ezra Bridger while resuming her Jedi training. 

The Sabine Wren Force FX Elite Lightsaber features LED lighting for the green lightsaber.


That adventure shows off Wren wielding a green lightsaber during the show’s battle scenes, and Hasbro is recreating the lightsaber as the latest in its Black Series of higher-end role-playing items.

Revealed Friday at Hasbro’s Pulse Con, the $279 Sabine Wren Force FX Electronic Lightsaber features LED lighting for the green blade along with a number of sound effects. A switch and button on the hilt can activate sounds like a wall-cutting effect, battle clash sounds, a blaster deflection and a battle sequence mode. 

The Sabine Wren lightsaber goes on preorder Friday, and arrives in stores in fall 2024.


The package will also include a stand for putting the lightsaber on display, with or without the blade.

International pricing wasn’t immediately available, but similar lightsabers have cost £300 in the UK, which converts roughly to AU$570. The Sabine Wren Force FX Electronic Lightsaber goes preorder Friday at Hasbro PulseAmazon and GameStop. It will hit stores in fall 2024.


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