OnePlus ships Android 14 to the OnePlus 11


The OnePlus 11.
Enlarge / The OnePlus 11.


The release of Android 14 to the rest of the Android ecosystem is slowly happening. Today, OnePlus is joining the party, with the flagship OnePlus 11 getting the update. The company posted the news on its forum.

The update is first launching in India, OnePlus’ biggest market, but there’s no reason for other markets to not get the update quickly. Phone manufacturers like to roll out these new Android updates slowly, and for now, the “stable” release is opt-in via the beta program.

What will you be getting with your exciting new Android 14 update? Honestly, there’s not a lot to care about here. OnePlus’ OS is now so heavy that it paves over many of the Android 14 changes. A customizable lock screen was one of the few user-facing changes in Android 14, but OnePlus, which has its own lock screen, isn’t offering that. You should still get the included performance improvements, a block for often-malicious old app updates, and one or two permission changes. The small update size is probably why companies are getting the new Android release out the door in record time this year. The OS was released 44 days ago, and Xiaomi, Samsung, and OnePlus have all started rolling it out.

Android 14 went through a lengthy eight-month beta testing period, but despite that, the OS still shipped with a crippling bug that locked some users out of their devices and caused them to lose data. It seems the bug was fixed in time for the partner rollout, though. While no one has really acknowledged it (the communication about this bug has been awful), there wasn’t a new round of complaints when Samsung shipped Android 14 at the end of October, so it seems like this version is safe. Still, it’s hard to say anyone should be rushing to update, given the serious problems Android 14 launched with.


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