Marvel’s Groove ‘N Grow Groot Can Elevate Itself to 18 Inches Tall


Marvel’s Groot is seen growing from baby to teen during the Guardians of the Galaxy films, and this new action figure will have him grow right in front of you. 

The new Groove ‘N Grow Groot, debuting Thursday as part of San Diego Comic-Con, features a 13.5-inch depiction of the character that can grow to as tall as 18 inches with a button press.

Based on how the character appears in the Disney Plus series I Am Groot, this Groot features a bobblehead along with posable arms. When Groot hears music or talking, it will also react by saying, “I am Groot!” or dancing.

The Groove ‘N Grow Groot goes on sale this summer for $85 on Amazon and other stores (roughly converting to £65 and AU$125).


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