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Amazon Announces New Ring and Blink Cameras for the Home

Speaker 1: Thanks Daniel. Our ring and blink sales have together grown over 20% in the last year and we love seeing the impact of that. Every day people find their lost pets. You see the marriage proposals caught on doorbell cameras and I get to see my daughter coming home from school every day. Now we’re doubling down with new hardware and features that will give customers even greater peace of mind inside their home and beyond. Some of you may not [00:00:30] know this, but Blink started as a silicon company and those custom chips are what power a lot of the features that give Blink customers peace of mind, like long battery life and on-device computer vision at an incredibly low price. We recently announced Blink Outdoor four, the next generation of blinks bestselling camera. It uses our proprietary silicon for features like personal alerts, enabling the device to only record people who are detected in your videos.

Speaker 1: [00:01:00] Not the gang of possums who’ve been hanging around my house for weeks. Seriously, it’s an issue. On top of that, it helps us to maintain the long battery life that Blink is known for up to two years on two AA batteries. Today we’re building on that with three new devices. Blink customers already have three cameras on average and they often tell us they want to use those cameras beyond the confines of their home. Taking inspiration from Eero, our [00:01:30] engineering team got to work to develop a solution for customers who want more coverage throughout their property.

Speaker 1: Introducing Blink Blinks Sync Module Pro, which extends the range of your outdoor four significantly farther than wifi. You can now have one on a fence post that’s in the furthest corner of your backyard. Blinks Sync Module Pro will be available to customers early next year for 49 99. While Outdoor four already has [00:02:00] an extensive battery life, we’re introducing a new battery extension pack that can extend it up to four years. Customers also tell us they want flexible, easy to install lighting, and so we’re introducing Blink Outdoor four Floodlight Camera. A wire free SMART l e d motion triggered camera that allows customers to light up more places on their property where they want more visibility. Blink Outdoor four camera will be 1 59 99 and the battery [00:02:30] extension pack will be 29 99. Both devices are available for pre-order today. The same Blink silicon that powers Blink Outdoor four is now powering Select ring cameras like our recently announced Ring indoor cam ring pioneered the video doorbell industry and has become a staple in households across the world. Ring doorbells have been pressed over 1.5 billion times since January alone, [00:03:00] but Ring is so much more than a doorbell company. In fact, security cameras are ring’s fastest growing product line sales are up more than 30% this year.

Speaker 1: One of the things we focus on is delivering accurate alerts. We all get a lot of notifications on our devices, so when you get one from Ring, you should be able to trust that it’s important and relevant. I love this story. Take our neighbors Joey and Anita. When Anita was out of town, [00:03:30] she got emotional alert and saw that Joey had collapsed on the front porch. Thanks to the alert, Anita was able to get Joey the help that saved his life. Martin team has continued to innovate here, adding things like motion zones, which let you select specific areas you want your camera to monitor. We’ve also started to add three D motion detection to our pro devices, which uses radar to help eliminate false alerts. And this year we’re adding [00:04:00] three D motion detection to our most versatile ring camera with Stickup Cam Pro, an indoor outdoor camera that will give neighbors more control over where motion is detected and see where it took place like the path your package takes from the delivery truck to your front door.

Speaker 1: We’ve also added Audio Plus, which delivers great sound thanks to two array microphones with echo cancellation and a security siren to help ward off intruders. And with color pre-roll, you’ll [00:04:30] get a history of detected motion that even includes the seconds before you receive an alert. And like all ring cameras, you can create privacy zones to exclude areas you don’t want recorded or easily disable. Audio recording Ring stickup cam will be available today for pre-order for 1 79 99. Home Security Solutions should be incredibly simple to use, but that’s not always the case. Just ask my parents. I’m basically tier one tech support for them, [00:05:00] so we’re continuing to invest in easy to use features like routines that make it super easy to get a little extra peace of mind. Alexis run tens of billions of routines for customers over the past year alone and this fall we’re excited to add feature routines for Ring. When you go into the Ring app, you’ll see a list of pre-populated routines that you can enable based on your preferences and the devices in your ring home. Things like simultaneously [00:05:30] turning off your lights and setting your alarm or announcing when someone opened the door. Finally, if there’s one thing I know, but everything we’ve shown you is that none of it is possible without amazing wifi and there’s no better team to deliver that than era.


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